Interface Guide

Configuring Endpoints

You can configure the FHIR endpoints using the FHIR Client Configuration.

  1. Go to Administration -> Client Configuration.
  2. Select ‘Fhir’ from the drop-down list.
FHIR Endpoint Configuration
FHIR Endpoint Configuration

Setting up Endpoints

You can set up multiple FHIR endpoints, each with their own custom configuration. Each endpoint is assigned a prefix, which is used in the URL to access the endpoint:


The default prefix if none is specified is ‘fhir’, yielding the URL:


Many sites will only need one FHIR endpoint, the default one. You may wish to create additional endpoints to allow apps to communicate using different versions of the FHIR specification, or to have different permissions/mapping/identifier settings used depending on where the data is coming from.

Disabling Endpoints

If you remove all endpoints, then FHIR is disabled.

Endpoint Configuration

There are numerous settings you can customize for each endpoint. See the following topics for details: