FHIR Interface Specification

This section details the FHIR interface for CareEvolution’s FHIR Interface. You can find details about the supported resources, fields, and operations.

FHIR Versions

The HIEBus™ 2015 Edition Core FHIR Interface implements version 1.0.2 (DSTU2) of the FHIR standard. Most implementations also support version 3.0.1 (STU3) and version 4.0.1 (R4). Follow the links below to get the interface documentation for the desired version.

FHIR Version Interface Specification
4.0.1. (R4) specification
3.0.1. (STU3) specification
1.0.2 (DSTU2) specification


Within the broad FHIR versions (DSTU2, S3, R4), there may be variations in implementation from one release of HIEBus to another. For example, new resources or operations are often added over time, and there may be fixes or improvements made to the implementation.

For a detailed list of changes for a specific version of HIEBus, see the Release Notes.