Interface Guide

Unlock Your Health System Data

CareEvolution’s HIEBus™ FHIR Application Programming Interface (API) provides a uniform way of accessing data in a healthcare information system. It enables patients and clinicians to access health data through site-approved mobile and web applications. The HIEBus FHIR Interface conforms to the HL7® FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) standard.

Implementation Reference

The FHIR Interface is based on the Argonaut Data Query Implementation Guide, which establishes guidelines for security, use cases, and data sets. Each site has its own implementation reference website, which tells you about that site’s FHIR Interface, including:

  • Available endpoints.
  • Supported versions (DSTU2/STU3).
  • Available resources.
  • Test tools.
  • Other helpful links.

The address for the implementation reference is:


YOUR_CAREEVOLUTION_URL refers to the address you use to access the CareEvolution application. For example: https://fhir.careevolution.com/Master.Adapter1.WebClient/fhir.

Test Server

CareEvolution maintains a public FHIR test server, where you can explore the FHIR Interface and test your applications against a sample data set. For more information, see Test Server.

Using This Guide

In this guide you will find:

Have questions about the FHIR Interface? See Getting Help.