Postman Sample Queries

You can use Postman or a similar tool to exercise the REST API of the FHIR test site with custom queries.

Getting Started with Sample Queries

CareEvolution provides a Postman collection of sample queries, which correspond to the illustrated Use Cases.

You can import this collection into your Postman workspace and get up and running quickly with a library of examples.

  1. Install Postman.
  2. Access the CareEvolution FHIR Postman collection. Postman offers a number of options. You can set up a Postman workspace and fork the collection (instructions) or you can download the JSON and import it (instructions).
  3. Configure the collection variables endpoint and accessToken with your FHIR endpoint and OAuth access token.
Set Collection Variables
Set Collection Variables
  1. Select a query from the collection.
  2. Click “Send.”

Responses and Errors

Postman will show response data in the “Response” window. For example:

<Bundle xmlns="">
    <type value="searchset" />
    <total value="9" />
        <relation value="self" />
        <url value=";_count=20" />
        <fullUrl value="" />
                <id value="1deda6e4-3121-e611-8128-0a69c1b3225b" />

If there is a problem with your request, the response will look something like this:

    "Message": "You are not authorized to access this resource."

See Error Handling for help troubleshooting errors.