Find a Patient/Member

To retrieve data for a member or patient, you can query the Patient resource for a unique patient identifier to be used in subsequent resource requests or each individual resource can be queried with a patient filter.

Querying by Identifier

Specific syntax is required for searching with identifiers (e.g. to search for an MCID:|123456789) Supported identifiers/namespace syntaxes include:

  • MCID
  • HCID
  • SubscriberID
  • MedicaidID
  • MedicareID

A full list of available identifiers can be found at https://[YOUR_FHIR_ENDPOINT]/documentation?prefix=fhir-r4#identifier-systems.

Querying by Name and Date of Birth

given is the First name. family is the last name. birthdate should be in the form ` yyyy-mm-dd`

Example Queries

Example Resource Example URL
MCID 123456789 Patient https://[YOUR_FHIR_ENDPOINT]/Patient?identifier=|123456789
SubscriberID 987654321 Condition https://[YOUR_FHIR_ENDPOINT]/Condition? patient.identifier=|987654321
Name John Smith
DOB 1978-05-08
Patient https://[YOUR_FHIR_ENDPOINT]/Patient?family:exact=Smith&given:exact=John&birthdate=1978-05-08

Retrieving a List of Patients/Members

Searching for family/related patients Use an identifier that is family/plan-specific, like HCID FHIR can be used to retrieve a list of patients matching a set of criteria (e.g., ‘Diabetic members with HbA1c>9’, ‘Members hospitalized within the last 24 hours’).
Use the FHIR List resource to retrieve a population health list.