Gather Immunization History

The Immunization resource is populated with vaccination data from multiple HIEBus sources, including medical and pharmacy claims, pharmacy fills, and patient history in electronic medical records. However some immunization-related medical claims may be stored as Procedures. To create as comprehensive an immunization history as possible, query both Immunization and Procedure.

Querying for All Immunizations

  • Query Immunization by /Immunization?patient=[PATIENT ID].
  • Retrieve the CE Immunization [VALUE SET URI] by https://[YOUR_FHIR_ENDPOINT]/ValueSet?version=CE-Immunization&name=Immunization.
  • Query Procedure by /Procedure?patient=[PATIENT ID]&code:in=[VALUE SET URI].

Querying for Specific Immunizations

Querying for COVID-19 Vaccination

  • Retrieve the COVID19 [VALUE SET URI] by https://[YOUR_FHIR_ENDPOINT]/ValueSet?version=COVID-19&name=COVID19%20Vaccination and then query per above for specific immunizations.

Real-World Data Considerations

  • Date Administered - Can be found in Immunization.occurrenceDateTime and Procedure.performed.
  • Vaccine Codes
    • Source data may be uncoded (description only) or coded in CVX, HCPCS/CPT, NDC, RxNorm, ICD-10-PCS, SNOMED, or a proprietary code system.
    • HIEBus maps vaccine codes when possible to CVX which is published by the CDC
    • When presenting immunization data, we recommend preferentially displaying the code listed with userselected=false and system= or system= if available, while making the original source code (userselected=true) available to users in details.