Value Set

A value set is a set of codes used in coding systems.


See the FHIR documentation for more information about Value Set resources.

Mapped Concepts in HIEBus

  • TermSubset

Supported Interactions

Value Set resources support the following interactions.

Search Parameters

When searching for Value Set resources, the following search parameters are supported.

Name Type Prefixes
Can be Chained? Description
_id Token Logical id of this artifact.
name String :contains  :exact  Computationally friendly name of the value set.
reference Token :not  :in  :notin  A code system included or excluded in the value set or an imported value set.
version Token The business version of the value set.

Sortable Parameters

When searching Value Set resources, it is possible to sort the returned values by the following search parameters.

  • name
  • _id

Only one sort parameter may be specified.

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