Mapping Fields

FHIR supports data from a wide variety of health information systems. Every resource has many potential data fields, and not all of them apply to HIEBus systems. This section helps you understand how data is translated between FHIR and its HIEBus equivalents.

Supported Fields

The “Resource Content” section of the FHIR Specification describes all possible data fields for each resource. To determine which of these fields are accepted by and/or exported from HIEBus, consult your site’s FHIR Directory.

Mapped From FHIR

In the implementation details for each resource, you will find an “Mapped from FHIR” section detailing how data is mapped from the FHIR data its internal HIEBus representation.

Take this excerpt from the Patient resource mapping:

From (FHIR) To (HIEBus)
gender Demographic.Gender Demographic.Names.LastName
address.line Demographic.Addresses.Street1, Demographic.Addresses.Street2, Demographic.Addresses.Street3

Here we can see that:

  • The FHIR gender field maps directly to the HIEBus gender field.
  • The FHIR field will be stored as a last name in the patient’s list of demographic names.
  • The FHIR address.line field maps to the street of the patient’s list of demographic addresses.

Mapped To FHIR

Also in the implementation details is a “Mapped to FHIR” section. This shows what FHIR fields will be populated from HIEBus when data is read from the FHIR Interface.

Looking at the Patient resource again, we can see that it’s essentially a mirror image of the “From FHIR” mapping:

From (HIEBus) To (FHIR )
Demographic.Addresses.Street1 address.line
Demographic.Addresses.Street2 address.line
Demographic.Addresses.Street3 address.line
Demographic.Gender gender


Extended Fields

The FHIR Interface supports several extensions for data that exists in the HIEBus system but isn’t defined in the base FHIR standard. These appear in the field mapping tables like so:

From (HIEBus) To (FHIR )
Demographic.Religion extension(‘’)

Here is an example of how that would appear in a Patient resource:

<extension url="">
            <system value="" />
            <code value="Agnostic" />
            <userSelected value="true" />