Handling Responses

When you issue a FHIR request, the server will return a standard HTTP response.

Response Status

The response status code tells you whether the request was successful.

Status Meaning
200 OK
201 Resource Created
Other An Error Occurred

For more information about error responses, see Handling Errors.

For a successful request, the response body will contain the requested information.

Response Format

The response body uses XML format by default. You can request JSON format instead by specifying a data format in the request.

Resource Fields

Below is part of a response to a sample search request. For more information about what FHIR fields are supported and where that data comes from in the HIEBus system, see Mapping Fields.

Request: [base]/Patient/1234-5678-9012


<Patient xmlns="http://hl7.org/fhir">
    <id value="1234-5678-9012" />
        <lastUpdated value="2016-05-23T22:01:49.23+00:00" />
        <use value="usual" />
        <system value="http://fhir.carevolution.com/identifiers/CareEvolution/MRN/PACode" />
        <value value="123456780" />
        <system value="http://fhir.carevolution.com/identifiers/CareEvolution/MCID" />
        <value value="ABC 123" />
        <use value="official">
            <extension url="http://careevolution.com/fhirextensions#term">
                        <system value="http://fhir.carevolution.com/codes/CareEvolution/NameType" />
                        <code value="LegalName" />
                        <display value="Legal Name" />
                        <userSelected value="true" />
                    <text value="Legal Name" />
        <family value="Demoski" />
        <given value="Helen" />